Over the Weekend …

The Weekend: Buddhist Relics in Christchurch, and Git, etc

  1. Exhibition of the Maitreya Kindness Tour
  2. Thoughts on Github and Authorea

Over the weekend,

  1. Visited the exhibition of the Maitreya Kindness Tour. This was a great exhibition where one could see the relics of the Tibetan Buddhist Monks and the preceptors.
    The pictures are here . There were a couple of Tibetan Thanka paintings as well. Really beautiful.

  2. Discovered that Git can really be a very useful way to organise and save space on your computer. Start a git repository, move essential files over to Git, run your analyses and store the results and paper. Since I do all my work in plain text (using markdown or LaTeX),

  3. [Authorea] (http://www.authorea.com) versus Writelatex (now overleaf). This turned out to be an interesting exercise in the afternoon to organise the teaching files, and research. Authorea has this distinct advantage of using markdown files to organise information. Just write in markdown which is much more intuitive in syntax and then upload in Authorea. Authorea will also let you use the material to be directly converted to LaTeX so that you can then transform it to PDF or slides, as the case may be. Saves space on your computer.