Mount Cook

This weekend we went to Mount Cook , mainly. Mainly because we stopped on the way at Lake Tekapo, then started on the following morning from the Lake Tekapo all the way to Lake Pukaki and onwards to Mount Cook. It was a day trip, one which we are going to repeat in future but with a difference.

This is the difference.

It may take a lifetime to explore Mount Cook area. We may never end up going anywhere. Mount Cook National Park is full of wonders, absolutely amazing place. We could go anywhere, we could do anything. Lakes, valleys, ridges, glaciers, mountains, passes, huts, more lakes, walks, endless. But more beautiful is the majesty of Aoraki that drowns your sorrow, your anguish, drowns your frustrations of life, gives you new meaning and vigour to go on. I certainly have felt that bliss. It’s an unspeakable mysterious feeling, and I cannot even express the beauty of the place. Some sensations are ineffable.

Thank you, Mount Cook, for showing me the way.