Just returned from the amazing Pancake Rocks, amazing land formation

This Saturday, we were in the amazing Pancake Rocks at the West Coast of New Zealand. Pancakes rocks were formed (partly rocks lifted from the sea bed due to oceanic activity, partly due to accretion of marine organisms, quite a complex geologic process really) millions of years ago. The rock formations are quite unique; the sea lashes at the rocks and as the waves crash through the crevices and holes carved in the rocks, they spray up geysers of seawaters hundreds of feet in the air. This spectacular phenomenon is best enjoyed on high tides in full moon days. We missed the blowhole geysers, but the rock formations were wonderful. 

Attached a few photos. Pancake rocks are about 300 kilometers to the northwest of Christchurch. It took us about 5 hours to get there; we stopped at the Arthur's pass our favourite stopover. The entire journey is quite spectacular. 

Can't think of other places that are descriptions of food; New Zealanders do take their food seriously. 🙂