Title: lectures
Author: Arindam Basu
Date: 2015-03-09

Weekend Reading of Interest

Poor Availability of Healthy Food in American Samoa

CDC epidemiologists recently conducted a survey in American Samoa on the availability of healthy food items in convenience and grocery stores. Convenience stores were defined as outlets where they had only one cash register while grocery stores were defined as places where they had more than one cash register. It was also known that in American Samoa, about 75% of residents are obese; it was hypothesised that this may be due to less availability of healthy food items that people can buy from convenience or other food marts. The investigators decided to survey only one island and sampled about 90 stores including convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants. They found that compared with unhealthy food items (such as fatty meat, and fries, etc), heathy food items were more expensive and were less likely to be sold from grocery stores and convenience stores. There was slightly more availability in grocery stores and less availability in the convenience stores. These findings, according to the investigators are not much different from what you can expect in a regular American context.

The full study is described here

Future of Taptic Keyboards

Expect in future in computers and tablets and phones from Apple not to have regular keys. Instead, like their just introduced concepts of flat surface pressure sensitive trackpads, we shall have “key labels” that will be force tapped to produce the fonts and glyphs”
Interesting idea



Title: Some Thoughts on Basic Stats with Julia

Basic Statistics with Julia

I use Juno with Julia to work most of the time.

Read a File in Julia


Table header Table 2
Cell Another

List of Resources Where differences between julia and R are listed

  1. R versus Julia
  2. Introducing julia

This tutorial will be expanded.


title: What is the Simplest Way to Post
date: 2015-03-11

A Simple Workflow for Blogs

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I have been trying several implementations of writing blog like posts and post them to online sites. The workflow might go like this:
1. Write entirely online and post them there.
2. Or, write on a software such as Scrivener and post the content directly as markdown formatted document with neat features

Two great solutions entirely online and works very well are:

  1. This, Draft. Elegant solution, syncs great with many services and works great. Particularly with svtle and ghost hosting, it works like a charm. Downside? it is not as flexible although it has an offline option. Entirely browser based although I do not mind. Draft cannot read files that end with extensions “.md”, they have to be text files. Eventually I discarded draft as it did not play well with some other clients. Plus one cannot use scalable vector diagrams with this.
  2. Stackedit. – Superb service, again, browser based and works with a lot of services such as blogger/wordpress. Will not work with ghost hosting. Can read and write files from other services including markdown formatted documents.

Comparing between these two formats, I think my vote will go to stackedit.io as this one has better integration with the cloud based solutions although draft has better blog based integration, including ftp based integration, though not necessarily with dropbox.

Then there are dropbox based solutions which I mighty like. Can work from anywhere. For instance, this document can be conveniently pushed to a dropbox folder from either a web service such as Stackedit.io or this one, Drafts and then published when I visit the site. The best such option in my view is Scriptogr.am. Terrific site, just push and then visit the site and add the document. The only thing with this site is its requirement for a header document (see above). So, while it is easy to push to the site from anywhere (just drop it to a dropbox folder), publishing is not that hassle free, as you will have to visit at least once.

Over the Weekend …

The Weekend: Buddhist Relics in Christchurch, and Git, etc

  1. Exhibition of the Maitreya Kindness Tour
  2. Thoughts on Github and Authorea

Over the weekend,

  1. Visited the exhibition of the Maitreya Kindness Tour. This was a great exhibition where one could see the relics of the Tibetan Buddhist Monks and the preceptors.
    The pictures are here . There were a couple of Tibetan Thanka paintings as well. Really beautiful.

  2. Discovered that Git can really be a very useful way to organise and save space on your computer. Start a git repository, move essential files over to Git, run your analyses and store the results and paper. Since I do all my work in plain text (using markdown or LaTeX),

  3. [Authorea] (http://www.authorea.com) versus Writelatex (now overleaf). This turned out to be an interesting exercise in the afternoon to organise the teaching files, and research. Authorea has this distinct advantage of using markdown files to organise information. Just write in markdown which is much more intuitive in syntax and then upload in Authorea. Authorea will also let you use the material to be directly converted to LaTeX so that you can then transform it to PDF or slides, as the case may be. Saves space on your computer.