Biometrical Genetics


This is a paper on biometrical genetics. Biometrical genetics uses the core principles of Mendelian genetics but instead of just a binary trait, we can use it to analyse more than one gene effect. These notes are taken from the biometrical genetics textbook by Neale The other changes as applicable (Luger, Dechassa, and Tremethick 2012).

Here is a model of the figure:


Let’s take a look at the table

Mother’s A a
a Aa aa

Table 1. When both parents are heterozygous then 25% of the offsprings are homozygous and 50% of the offsprings are heterozygous


Luger, Karolin, Mekonnen L. Dechassa, and David J. Tremethick. 2012. “New Insights into Nucleosome and Chromatin Structure: An Ordered State or a Disordered Affair?” Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 13 (7). Nature Publishing Group: 436–47. doi:10.1038/nrm3382.

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