Converting a PDF to a readable format on small devices

It’s a pain to convert a pdf to an epub for reading and optimizing on
a tablet device, and unfortunately there are no reliable programs that
can get the work done. Note the steps:

1. First of all, the pdf has to be truncated to remove white spaces.
Fortunately, there are programs such as briss that helps to get the
job done. Nothing else quite works.
2. Next, use Calibre to convert the pdf to ePub format
3. Edit the epub in sigil because in 99 out of 100 cases calibre does
a sloppy job in the conversion process.
4. Finally, reconvert it back to mobi fomat
5. Upload to the device for reading decently.

Who cares? Way too much work.

Much better to plug in iPad and use iannotate to read the damn pdf.

I am quite disappointed with amazon kindle touch.


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