Will ValoBox (Web-powered Books) be the next iTunes for books and text contents?

From their website, “
The content community is you, me and everyone else who produces, reads and shares great content.
ValoBox rewards those who share content with a massive 25% of any sales made to spend on more books.
For every page bought, a 60% royalty is sent directly to the content owner.
We believe that reading should be simple, fun and support good causes. That is why ValoBox sends 15% of its profits to our selected charities from the word go.
So if you like what you read, click share and watch your tweets and blog embeds do some good. You’ll be helping everyone who makes great content as well as being able to buy some great new books!”


I think the idea is great, and reminds me of how itunes impacted the way people used to listen to music. The premise was that, most people would prefer only one item in a CD or a cassette and then would have the ability to mix and match to their preference. Itunes was geared towards that and this indeed was quite a revolutionary idea how mp3s and other formats were packaged to suit personal choices. 

Is it the same story with books and journals? I think to some extent that might indeed be the story. For instance, I  know that for journals, many of us are interested in one article or a specific section and then would like to grow our own collection (for instance, citeulike (http://www.citeulike.com) or Mendeley (http://www.mendeley.com) are great tools and webapps that let you do exactly that. It’d be great to see how valobox emerges and lets us play with this concept. Money adds a new twist here, I think.

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