Twitter Really, Really Hates Google’s New Google+ Integration


“Twitter is obviously upset about today’s launch for a few reasons. For one, it made money off of its deal with Google. It wants Google to need its data. And there’s the potential that today’s launch may incentivize publishers and users to pay more attention to Google+ when it comes to sharing breaking news — after all, it’s the only service that’s going to pop up in Google search results. Which would reduce Google’s reliance on Twitter.

As for Twitter’s assertion that with these changes, finding information will be “much harder for everyone”: if people are looking to access the real-time data that is shared on Twitter (which, to Twitter’s credit, is definitely more likely to include breaking news than most of the stuff being shared on Google+), then they can obviously still head to Twitter’s own search product. Which could potentially be a very popular search portal itself, but, in my experience, is still pretty cruddy.

But Twitter does have a point: people trust Google to serve up the most timely, relevant information possible. And without Twitter’s data, it’s going to have a hard time doing that. Of course, Google probably already has its own answer to this drafted, and I suspect it reads something like, “if Twitter wants people to find tweets in Google, they can open up their API.” I’m reaching out to them for their official response now. ”

Quite obviously it’s not entirely “social” if it discounts other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Others). Do not think it’s such a good idea anyway. Search for an offbeat topic in Google and select “social” from the sidebar and you get a paltry selection of results that only show the Google Ecosystem (reader/plus/others). This is not what is expected of Google as a giant search engine.


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