Devastating earthquake in christchurch

The Christchurch Eathquake

Absolutely unbelievable happened today. The city lies in ruins, late in the evening I do not feel like going to bed, what a terrible day! Sad to see that the spire of the Christchurch cathedral coming down, the city centre is in shambles. It will surely take a long time for recovery. The quake was a 6.3 on Richter scale but that measures nothing of the scale of disaster that it brought in it’s wake. The time when it hit, the place where it hit, the epicenter all were so different from the last one that it defies any comparison. For sure, the magnitude of the destruction cannot be mapped by one number alone, there has to be another metric to capture the sense of the destruction and horror of an earthquake.

Time to say prayers, and thank all our friends who were with us in this trying time.


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