Removing extensions from open office

I use open office as my only word processor. I wanted to remove the mendeley open office plug in because it did not work. Here are the steps I used because I could not uninstall either throughh Mendeley or through the usual open office extension manager.

  1. go to your home folder. Open .openoffice.org2. This can be done in nautilus just fine. To view hidden folders and files (those starting with ‘.’), just hit Control-h.
  2. Go into the ‘user’ folder.
  3. Delete or rename the ‘uno_packages’ folder. I renamed it, personally, so I could put it back if needed.
  4. Start OpenOffice. It will be just like new.

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2 thoughts on “Removing extensions from open office

  1. Hi, Steve from Mendeley here. I’m sorry to hear that the plugin didn’t work and that you’ve had problems uninstalling it.

    Did you try using the “Insert Citation” button? This should allow you to choose a reference from Mendeley Desktop to cite in your document.

    The uninstall works fine on our test machines. The only thing we can think of that may have caused your problem is that you had the Python-UNO bridge component of OpenOffice installed when you installed the plugin, but have removed it since.

    If you could let us know if there is anything unusual about your system or what you did during the install or use of the plugin that would be very helpful for us to track down the cause of this and ensure it doesn’t happen for others.



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