Our first trial with driving a four wheel drive

Yesterday we first trialled our four wheel drive Jeep and went to Waipara
Gorge, a beautiful land formation about 60 kilometers north by northwest of Christchurch. The Jeep behaved well. We did some serious off road tracks, initially some gravel road driving and then we met a local paddock owner who showed us the way to the gorge. That drive was spectacular but deep through paddocks and field and some really rough terrain.
Waipara gorge is spectacular the river runs deep, surrounded by limestone hills and lush scenery. It’s a little difficult to find out. A long drive through state highway one, and then take left on to Innes Road after Amberley, go past the Ram Paddock road. The entrance to the gorge is through several closed paddocks and we were fortunate that we met one of the farm owners who allowed us entry through her paddock.

There are limestone caves, the water is rapid, and it’s a great place to be in. We could not go to the river bed, but people have been there. Perhaps we can do that in a later trip.


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