10 Ways People Are Using the iPad to Create Content

I think iPad is eminently suitable for content creation. An idea that did not get mention here is ipad provides an opportunity to write in plain text and upload stuff to a website that can then format the plain text information into nicely formatted page. This saves time, space, and effort. A nice way to use ipad might be to use markdown format and then use the markdown as a way to format the text. Ipad also serves as a great tool to write in latex and then format the latex either on a website or on a latex editor to shape it as pdf. In fact most free note taking apps with ipad are great for any type of content creation. Combined with web based stores of images, andn data, and using plain text that can then be used for further formatting, ipad is a fantastic tool for content creation. Sent to you by arin via Google Reader: 10 Ways People Are Using the iPad to Create Content via Daring Fireball by John Gruber on 10/1/10 The funny thing is, you still see people talking about the iPad being only for consumption. I don’t think it’ll ever end. ★ Things you can do from here: – Subscribe to Daring Fireball using Google Reader – Get started using Google Reader to easily keep up with all your favorite sites

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