Notes to myself – what did I learn from Christchurch earthquake

What I learned about life from the Christchurch earthquake (7 September, 2010)

1. Simplify life
2. Unclutter
3. Be prepared for eventualities (1 and 2, see above)
4. Be respectful of the transience of life (all it takes is one
thorough shake, and the lamp will blow out, anytime)
5. That I may not be here tomorrow (if today were to be the last day
of my life, what would I do, what would I pack in my satchel, and what
would I leave for others?)
6. Zen like calmness and detachment (Are all things in their place? Am
I thorough with the small things in life? Am I unattached?)
6. Learn to look at the big picture (what’s the purpose of this all?
that there is no randomness in life)
6. Connect with nature (The bottles toppled from the shelves, the
flowers were intact in the branches?)
7. Less technology, more power (don’t depend too much on electricity, or diy)
8. Be the change or the principle of being your own light (or, the art
of navigating throug darkness)
9. You are on your own (nobody really cares about you, have no
expectations of others)
10. Detach and go deep within (Be silent within, cut out the noise,
the quake thud won’t bother you anymore)
11. Know who your friends are (words to the wise, who said the words
that calmed you when you needed them most, physical distance does not
matter,Chanakya sloka etc …)
12. Conversations that are meaningless (the spammers, and the bots
don’t necessarily have to come from computers …)
13. There may be a second chance (looks like there will be a second
chance; each day an experiment in existence from now on)
14. If 13, give yourself to others (live for a cause, give out to the
world), if not, the game will be over anyway.


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