How to integrate iPad, wizfolio and desktop net enabled reference manager for paper writing

The following diagram shows a scheme to manage information using iPad and desktop and laptop. iPad is a very powerful tool to read or consume a wide variety of literature and information sources. This includes PDF, movies, sound bytes, and other sources of information. On the desktop [zotero][z] is a very powerful source that can be used to aggregate a wide variety of information artifact. [Mendeley][m] is a very good software for managing bibliographic information, and lyx or any other word process is great for writing up stuff. Writing long text with referencing etc is best done at the desktop and writing like this blog is done at the level of iPad basically for organizing ideas. I find [ pubget ][p] mobile as a great web app that enables you search the pubmed database and you can read the PDF directly linked. PDFs from pubget can also be read and saved directly on the iPad. PDFs from iPad can be transferred using goodreader to zotero or mendeley for extraction of data from them. Another way might be to store everything in [wizfolio ][w] while surfing the web and syncing information from wizfolio to any of the desktop application. Wizfolio also has plugins that can work with windows and Mac word processors such as open office or word and therefore in a sense a complete reference software by itself but web based and very flexible. I think it has the potential to become a killer app. Anything for the web can be written using the markdown language (for example this blog post is written using markdown language). The way to work with iPad seems to me to be using emails and wireless transfer of documents over wired connections. I use Linux for my text writing and analysis, therefore I am quite dependent on file managers like goodreader a lot for file transfer and handling. Goodreader is a wonderful app for managing a lot of files. For files that require ezproxy access through the university, it is better to use wizfolio (it’s a brilliant app and more about this later). Then take the link from wizfolio website and push it to iPad directly, or take it from wizfolio site, store it in desktop or laptop and push it using internal wifi to iPad for later review. As a device to read PDFs, it is hard to beat iPad. [z]: [m]: [p]: [w]:

Download now or preview on posterous

scheme.pdf (259 KB)

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