The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) | Opinion | Environmental challenge

This is a nice opinion piece from Ramachandra Guha. However, the focus of the piece is more on a specific person (Jairam Ramesh, justifying the minister as a capable person) than expanding on what I thought was the real crux of the matter, the future of India’s economy and society lies in how the country and the body politik handles environmental issues. At the time, the picture does not seem very rosy nor the future. In the name of development there are destruction of natural habitats, mining has become a major challenge and issue for people’s livelihood; unfortunately short-sightedness gets praised as pro-development. The issue of environment throws open a whole debate around development that cannot be skirted. 


The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) | Opinion | Environmental challenge

    • The future of India, as an economy and as a society, as a nation and as a civilization, depends to a far greater extent on the state of our natural environment than on the state of the Sensex.

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