Book Review: Playing Chopsticks

Playing Chopsticks: Travels Through China by Sally Hammond, New Holland Publishers, Sydney

This book is about China — a travelogue where an Australian couple went with a tourist group to China for an extensive travel. You can read about China through the eyes of people who mingled with the regular folks, sharing their stories and hanging out in the periphery, not about hobnobbing with the rich and mighty in China and then coming back with an engineered story about the fabulous land.

I was interested in the book because the blurb said that it was one person’s travelogue through China. The book has a lyrical narrative as if the author is writing a photograph in portraying the lives of Chinese in mainland China. The book begins with the author aboard in an Air China flight on the way to Beijing from Sydney, and continues with cruising along the silk route on a 4 WD through the rugged Chinese hills, life in the cloisters of Tibetan monasteries and the high life in Shanghai.

Amazing piece of work.


One thought on “Book Review: Playing Chopsticks

  1. Arin, thank you so much for your lovely review. China is an amazing country. I have since done another book on China, Bamboo, journeys with food. You may enjoy that too. There are many more lovely photographs in that one, done by my husband, Gordon.
    Keep up the good work with your blog, Sally


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