Lack of safety norms: et tu McDonald’s India at Kolkata?

There seems something wrong with Kolkata, systematically. Again, barely a month has passed when an explosion in a restaurant at a city rocked the hospital. This was a non-descript, shack maintained in a government hospital compounds and had poor, virtually absent safety norms.

If poor and shanty eating places have illiterates that have no idea of safety norms, what about McDonalds? Surely, an upscale, new, opened just in the month of March, 07 at a prime location downtown Kolkata, international chain food store is expected to set much higher standards for safety norms?

There are rooms for doubts after yesterday’s blast that rocked the restaurant, killed one and injured others. The police did not blame the terrorists, but suggested another cause — leaked, superheated gas from A/C.

Sunday morning at 9:30, Downtown Calcutta’s upscale Park Street McDonalds exploded, resulting in deaths of two individualds, one died on the spot, hit on the head by shards of concrete doors that burst out, and the other, an older gentleman, died of heart attacks following the incident. The police ruled out any chances of terrorist attacks, blaming that Freon gas in air conditioning pipes expanded and exploded leading to the disaster.Well, what happened to safety norms with air conditioning systems?

How often have Macdonalds in a large city like the New York/London/Paris/Sydney blown up due to faulty air conditioning, killing people? I googled but could not find the answer. Probably, there have been none.


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