Do we have Darwin Awards for organizations? Check out …

Darwin awards are posthumous, typically for individuals who have committed some voluntary acts that they have been successful enough to remove themselves from the human gene pool forever. Doesn’t seem that the penchant to move ourselves from the human gene pool does not only exist at individual levels, but as well extends to organizations, as well. Just be out of business, out of reckoning, don’t want to be there anymore.

How? Throw away safety to the winds. Move on. Last time, I wrote about this story of a cop who tested a bomb with bare hands and gave up his life. This time, it’s about a cafeteria in a large hospital in Kolkata, where they stocked filled cooking gas cylinders near flames, and sure enough, one day these time bombs burst, cooking two employees to death and leaving several others injured. Check out the story here:

Clearly, these dudes had no idea about workplace hazards. Cooking gas cylinders are deadly if they are kept close to fire and places that get heated up. The gas expands and tries to blow through the small vents at the top. It happened on an extremely hot July day (outside temperature was about 36 degrees C and you can imagine how high temperature might have shot up in a small cubbyhole of a restaurant that had only one exit).

It’s bad enough that it has happened here, it’s worse that it happened in a hospital campus that is also now a medical college. What were the preventive medicine folks doing? Eating out? Taking a nap?

When are we going to grow responsible enough to protect people’s health by taking steps to reduce hazards in restaurants and public places. Mahatma Gandhi showed us a way. Let’s boycott organizations that are only after profiting, throwing all safety norms to the wind. It may hurt some of us, but at the end of the day, we can at least claim that we stabbed at having a safe society.


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