Why do I blog and what will I blog about?

Why do I blog? This idea came to me as I read this excellent guidance on blogs by Lorelle’s blogs .

Offload ideas and experiences throughout the day to a more permanent medium. Share with the world, and come back and revisit them later. Ideas tend to lose themselves over time, and over the last several years, I have lost tracks of numerous websites that I wanted to archive and read about later.

What will I blog about? I’d like to restrict myself to a few topics, generally. Thoughts about information and data presentation, my writings on various public fora (these posts will be expanded as I write about them), some data analysis from newspapers. In general, I’d like to restrict myself to topics that interest me: environmental epidemiology, research methods, information presentation, journal writings, setting up research programs in India, and related stuff.

Being a physician and doing epidemiology is sometimes tough, but that’s who I am.

The journey begins.


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